How does 70-271 & 70-272 compare to the 70-270?

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I've already passed my 70-270, I'm now aiming for my MCDST, I've read through the first few chapters of the 70-271 MS-Press book, so far it's very similar, has anyone had both of these tests and what key differences are there?



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    the 270 is almost entirely devoted to AD intergration and the 271 is mostly workgroup associated apart from that I would say without being flippant that the 271 is 270-lite. so I'f you have got the 270 the 271 shouldnt be too much trouble.

    Just look out for the home and pro questions that are designed to trip you up if your not looking hard enough!

    The 272 however leans heavily on MS office xp and 2003, so you will need to know things like min requirements to run, locations of menus including configuring options, um the office tools like application recovery and outlook and outlook express menus/options and default pst/dbx locations.

    Personally I would say if you've passed the 270 then its worth spending more time studying the 272 than it is the 271.
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    Dale Scriven

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