Taking Hardware Monday

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Any words of wisdom?? Anything I should look for??


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    Make sure you read a good book like Mike Myers All-In-One and his Passport book, from cover to cover.
    Also review the objectives for the exam issued to you by;

    If you have all that squared away, you'll do fine come the exam. Just have full confidence in your ability to excel.
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    Take as many of the free practice exams as you can find on the Internet today. Review the CompTIA website for how the test is weighted is different areas. It will show you the % of each area they will test you on. Based on a max of 30 questions, you can do some simple division to figure out what area you might be getting the most questions from and the least questions from. Search the Web for free study guides and review them. Be aware that I have found some incorrect information on these sites. If something seems wrong - do the research to find the correct answer. Read each question carefully during the test, there are usually at least 1-2 obviously wrong answers that you can eliminate immediately. Watch out for the identification of connectors or components on the mother board. CompTIA uses drawings instead of pictures (I can't imagine why) and these are not the best drawings either. Again - know the basics like memory types, where to connect on the mobo, connector types, master/slave configuration, printer types and the like. Be confident that you will pass and try not to get to wound up before the test. Get a good nights sleep and spend some time reviewing in the morning prior to the test. It is not an extremely difficult test, if you have studied for it. After you pass it, start studying for the OS portion of it, if you have not yet taken that test. The OS portion is more difficult and demands that you have a good knowledge of both 9x and 2000. You really need to have a machine with 98 and 2000 set up as a dual-boot for this test. My experience is that you can't just read the material and expect to pass. Read the material and then spend lots of time on the system using what you have read about. If possible, use 2 or more machines and set up a small network to work with. This not only gives you good experience for the OS test, but will help you prepare for the N+ test, if you are planning to take that next (a good step in your career path!). Best of luck on the test - I'm sure you will pass with an excellent score.
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    I have studied the A+ All in one and the Passport. Plus I have the 1.0 version of transenders for hardware. I score in the 900 on that one and do well on other test so I feel I am ready. Ive been doing computer repair, upgrading and operation management for 5 years now, got laid off in November. I just felt that with my experience it would help me to get work to have the certifications. Tough job market and even with experience Im finding that having no piece of paper makes it tough.
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    You prepared very well using the best available products and you have a lot of experience, that should go well tomorrow :)

    Good luck! and let us know how it went.

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