Which way to go next?best route?

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Once I get my MCDST done, I'm planning on doing my vista certifications. Which route is the best way to go for getting my vista certifications?. After I'm done with those I'm planning on doing my MCSA and maybe MCSE. Once I have those I would like to get into IT Security, as in ethical hacking direction,etc. Which route would some of you advice me to go? and any tips/things I should keep in mind?


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    Well, 621 will upgrade your MCDST to MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician. It will also count as your client exam for your MCSA/E. You'll probably want to do your Security+ for your elective and 298 over 297 since you're interested in security. You might want to consider the Linux+ as well since some general Linux knowledge is good to have for things like the CEH.
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    how about the network+ certification? or is that covered in the MCSA/E too?
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    A+/N+ combination counts as an elective towards the MCSA, but not towards the MCSE. Security+ is the only 3rd party applicable to the MCSE currently. The Security+ is definitely my recommendation towards 3rd party electives.
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    I think most of what is in Network+ will be covered in other MS certifications and Security+. Not sure though, since I took N+ 4 years ago.
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