A Pass

I passed the 293 this morning. 760 Yay! (okay, thats all the glass-half-full i can manage)

In all seriousness, I thought this test was difficult. Not as difficult as 291, but perhaps close. This could be because I really went in expecting the 291, and, surprisingly, had to take the 293. While there were similarities, I think that my pass on the 291 made me overconfident for this exam. (of course, my lowish score on the 291 should have been a warning). There is a chance that I got an odd test, as I really beefed up for the PKI and Server Availability objectives, and was very surprised by what ended up being on the test. Oh well, a win is a win.

One more for the MCSA and then 2 more for the MCSE. more yay!

Thanks to everyone, this place truly is tremendous.


John Nickle

Work In Progress: BSCI, Sharepoint


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