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Hi folks!

Here are my scores:

Radio Frequency Technologies - 93% bring it on!

802.11 Regulations and Standards - 60% DOH!! Damn those 802.3af questions came a lot!

802.11 Protocols and Devices - 82% fair enough

802.11 Network Implementation - 100%

802.11 Network Security - 100%

802.11 RF Site Surveying - 100%

Remember my thread regarding 802.3af questions? See? I was only able to answer the things
i read at and my sybex book obviously wasn't the last edition, it only mentioned PoE a couple of times, regarding the concepts: Midspan and Endspan...nothing else. (2006 print)

Anyways I feel satisfied with the results. Specially in the last three Objectives. Having a little bit of experience pays off! I think it went well after all.


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