Windows 2003 - MCSE/MCSA requirements and links

Welcome to our new Windows 2000 forum :D

Microsoft has recently released the 'MCSE on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Certification Requirements' and the MCSA 2003 requirement including the course details and exam objectives.
I want to make a good start for myself, and future Win2003 practice exams and TechNotes for the site. I'm going to post every useful resource I find along the way and try to write some myself as well. First some links at 'the source':

icon_arrow.gifMCSE 2003 requirements includes info on the upgrade exams for an MCSE on Windows 2000

icon_arrow.gifMCSA 2003 requirements includes info on the upgrade exam for an MCSA on Windows 2000

icon_arrow.gifProduct Information The best place to start to gain info about the various versions of Windows 2003 such as the new features, system requirements and case studies.

icon_arrow.gifThe Windows 2003 Downloads page 180-days evaluation version and/or check out some of the great new tools. There's a link to the beta 2 of Exchange 2003 as well.

icon_arrow.gifTechnical Resources for Windows Server 2003 In-depth information about Windows 2003.

icon_arrow.gifMicrosoft Skills Assessment Test yourself on different Windows 2003 topics and compare your results with others.

icon_arrow.gifInform Microsoft about your A+, Network+, Server+, and/or Security+ certifications to use them as electives.



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