Think its hard but it isnt!

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Had the OS exam a few days ago and thought it was hard as hell. Not so much the answers are hard but the question is. READ the question. Understand the question before you even look at the answers. If you dont understand the question after two reads, mark it and go back to them at the end. How can you choose and answer if you dont know the question? Dont rush to the answers because you THINK you know. I thought i seriously sucked at it, but the result showed otherwise.

Here are just a few questions I had:
2) I had two IRQ Qestions as well. XXXXXXXXXXXX
3) There was a few networking questions too. They give you examples of IP addresses and you have to answer with the correct SubNet Mask.
4) Boot orders of both Windows NT/XP and Windows 98.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
5) DOS commands. there are a few attrib commands. and Basic DOS stuff like. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Top of my head thats all i can remember. Hope it helps.

so ya know i got 635. Woohoo me! :D Hardware exam on friday.

One last piece of advice, revise solid, take practice questions, but before the exam take AT LEAST one day off without even looking at a monitor. Dont want to get into the exam and go "blank" now do ya?

Ow, and another thing, PASS!!!!!!!

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