WOW, that sucked...

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But I PASSED!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

760 (which I think is my lowest MS score yet, but who freaking cares?!?!? :P )

It is more difficult than I anticipated (and I was anticipating a fairly difficult exam). Im thinking it might be harder than 291 at this point. 43 questions, 3 sims (One of which I guessed, one of which I figured out DURING the sim, and one I knew right off the bat). Do not underestimate this exam, at all.

I was hit with a different amount of questions (objective wise) than other users so I cant really say what you should study for. Just look at the objectives and get a good understanding of each topic. A brief overview/understanding wont cut it, IMO.

seriously, Im so glad thats over with and I dont have to retake it....thats 5 down and 2 left for MCSE. I think its a day or two off of studying, then im back on the horse for 294.
As always, I want to thank the boards. I especially want to thank Undomiel, Dynamik, and Mishra for your support/suggestions/URL resources to help me pass this thing!!! This is exactly why TE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

I shall be in 294 mode very shortly :D
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