Security+ resit strategy

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Hi all,

I am studying for my Security+ again having missed out last time. I was wondering should I focus on the parts I got wrong or study like its a completely new exam. icon_confused.gif: I am starting with the syngress book which I didnt use before and I found that some of the questions I thought that cost me the exam, I had actually guessed right.

On a side note, only after the first 100 or so pages, I realized "Why didnt i use Syngress from the first place?" oh well live and learn.


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    Focus on your weak areas, but don't discount the others. You now know what to expect and what they are looking for. Spend the majority of your time picking up the areas you scored poorly on or remember having difficulty with. Even if you receive 80% of higher in an area you should refresh in those subjects as well. Go in prepared to ace it and you will knock it out.
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    cacharo. thanks man, i think I will drill the sections that I totally goofed up on, then the sections that I was iffy on, then give the rest a going over.

    I am 30 percent thru the book and already I am getting psyched.
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