Free Microsoft Software for College Students!!

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I dont know if this has been posted here or not, but another one of my friends told me about this, its called "Microsoft DreamSpark", most of it is developer software like Visual Studio 2008, however you can also get a free Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition with a valid product key for free as well. All you have to do to obtain the free software is verify your a college student.

Here is the link for anybody who is interested:


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    Yup, someone signed me up for that. One day I just got an email with them that said, "Hey, log in with this and download what you want." Didn't take me long to downlaod everything :D
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    did they change it from the MSDN academic alliance? i had access to that through school but they disabled my account between semesters - which was great because i needed to install Vista and didn't have my key icon_sad.gif
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    MSDN-AA is still an active program. You need to be registered for courses that will require the use of M$ products in a CS or EE program. Check with a CS advisor or one of your professors to see what courses will give you access.

    I heard of Dreamspark, but never actually checked it out. I suppose now is a good time. :)
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    ahh yeah this is different. i'll be going through this.

    and i should be able to get my AA back next semester.
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