Passed 70-297

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Passed 70-297 today with a score of 890, I got 6 casestudy, each had at least 5 - 12 questions, time varied on each case sudy, it's not so difficult, it's just annoying I didn't even realized that the exam has already started, so I though I did bad with the 1st testlet. Most casestudy is pretty similar with each other, on what you need to do.

Anyway this wraps up my MCSE 2003 woot :D

Thanks for the advise on dealing with this exam. You definitely cannot read the whole casestudy I tried on the 1st testlet and I basically run out of time and only had 5 minutes to answer 5 questions, you need to just go back and forth between the question and casestudy to solve the requirements.


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