Second shot offer

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Hi, been away drowning the sorrows for a while due to my misery of a fail last month icon_evil.gif
I was looking across the microsoft website when i stumbled across "second shot offer" and looked at registering for it.
I'm slightly confused as to how this works, am I right by thinking you register for your second shot prior to taking you exam, so effectively, if you fail you get a free second shot? But this offer is void if you don't register before taking the exam?
I'm slightly confused, can anyone clear this up for me?
Thank you for registering for Second Shot!

Voucher Number: **********

Please print this page for your records and supply your e-mail address below for an electronic confirmation.

Here's how it works:

* Using the voucher number, schedule and pay for your initial exam via Prometrics's web site, call center or test center locations.
o You must have the voucher number available.
o Academic exams may not be scheduled via Prometric's web site .
* Take your exam.


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