pls failed....ospf sim question

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hi to all, i failed the exam, 792, now i have the exam in 3 days, when i failed i had problems with ospf sim, i didn't understand what to do, what was wrong, pls if you remember what was wrong and what you had to configure tell me. Thanks
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    How do we know what you did wrong and what you should do to make amends?
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    sorry, i might put the problem wrong, i assumed that ospf sim at the ccna exam is the same for everyone who get that sim and i asked if someone know what was the initial problem with the configuration ....
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  • iwannabeccnaiwannabeccna Posts: 15Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    sorry, as far as i know there are many different labs. Unless someone else would care to indicate otherwise?
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    The problem is that you are asking a question that cannot be answered by our members or anyone else who values the non-disclosure agreement the signed.
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    I'm sure if you read around, you'll learn more about it. Don't ask for the answer, figure it out yourself.
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