Just starting and I have a few questions

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Hello, my name is Sebastian currently going to college to earn a telecom degree and I am instrested in maybe taking the CCNA. I was thinking of setting up a home lab and I have read the other posts on the forum about labs.

My plan is to pick up a 2912 xl-en switch and a 2514 router for now. I want to play around with VLAN's fro now and in the future add on more routers to study for CCNA. I figured the the 2900 series switch will be more useful if I decide to continue to take CCNP after I pass CCNA (if I pass O.o)

Is it a good idea to pick up the 2912 switch and 2514 router? Or should I get some thing else. Also which should I get first since budget is a bit tight atm.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


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