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So in about 3 more weeks my class for A+ starts. I read other posts on this site and it seems to me that alot of newbies like me, stress this test so much. To a lot of you vets, I guess the test now is easier then how it has been in the past. Is it really something to stress so much in our heads though? Im a bit nervous, hoping im ready for this, hoping i dont find myself lost or having any trouble understanding. I sometimes search the web for information and certain aspects are intimidating. I also search IT jobs for entry level and it also seems impossible to find one without any other certification to go along with your A+. I might try geek squad or something like that so that i can get experience. I think if im doing this as a job and going to school, maybe itll be easier to understand it all and everything will go smoother. Maybe Im just thinking too much and making it somethin its not. So with this, I ask all vets....Was this you when you first started or is it just "us" the new generations of IT?

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    I got the A+ because a job I took required me to be certified. But I had been working IT for a while before that. I didn't really get too stressed by it because of all of that experience and because I naturally test well. So what will make the A+ be a low stress test for you is to go out and get that 6 months+ experience that CompTIA recommends. Even if it is just volunteer work. Once you have your hands in it the test won't seem that daunting.
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