Just took 70-526

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Hey there,

I just took the 70-526 exam. Well, I am now humbled. I failed. Probably a couple reasons why.

I spend about 1 week cramming for it, but I've been programming 2.0 for a few years now.

I would like to offer my opinion on some study guides and the exam.

1. Forgot about the Microsoft Press Books. While the topics are covered generally, the questions on the exam were FAR more detailed.

Out of 41 questions, I maybe knew 4 or 5 answers for sure.

2. Do not bother with Ucertify package. Basically, the practice exams in that package are based of the microsoft book, so naturally, I did pretty well on those. Again, the questions on the real exam were MUCH more difficult.

3. While I did really well in a certain topic (Implementing Asyncrounous Programming), god knows why because I felt that that was my weakest topic, I did poorly on others, where I thought I would do better.

Couple questions. Should I have taken 70-536 first, then 70-526 ?

Also, what is better study, avoiding microsoft stuff ?


Humbled Guy


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