Having serious problems with Novel/Netware OS!

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Wondering if there were questions about novell on the test for example...if you had microsoft clients that wanted to connent to a netware server what would you use? Because i am having trouble memorizing the protocols and the version of Netware. Thanks...very nervious about the test.


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    There may be, but I didn't get any on Novell.
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    Check the bottom of our Netware IPX/SPX TechNotes for the exam objectives that related to Netware:
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    Ya never know. I wouldn't sit in with out knowing all the topics very well. I believe after NW 4.X standard protocol is TCP/IP. Review the technotes inside and out and you'll pass. ANSWER=Client Services for NW.
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    I took it May 14, 2004. There were not detailed questions on Netware (like specifics on IPX/SPX routing, etc). However, you should know that there were questions like " You have a Netware network, what protocol must you run on the clients".*

    My advice-don't cut corners or say "I'll skip that and just miss those questions". You need to be prepared, I mean VERY prepared. There were A LOT (about 25) scenerio questions on the test where you better know your sh_t.

    *Your test may vary. icon_wink.gif
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    mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    I am really having alot of trouble with the Novell operating systems. For example which Novel protocol or client would make a connection to a windows server...I am looking for helpful hints on this because it seems so confusing. Client service for netware, Gateway service for netware, NWlink....this is all killing me. I took the prep logic test and scored an 86% on it...most of the questions i missed were about this..any info would be great...Thanks
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    CompTIA -> if you have NetWare in your environment, you are using IPX/SPX or Microsoft's version of IPX/SPX called NWLink. I don't know if it stand for this, but think NWLink = NetWareLink.

    Realworld -> NetWare 5 and higher uses TCP/IP as its native protocol.

    When you connect to a NetWare Server you can use the client provide by Novell or you can use "Client Services for NetWare" aka "CSNW" that is provide by Microsoft and included with the Operating system.

    If you have a number of clients and will rarely access the NetWare server, you can install "Gateway Services for NetWare" aka "GSNW". It is installed on the NT/2000 Server and acts as a Gateway to the NetWare servers. The client connect to the GSNW and it provides the access to the NetWare server.

    CSNW -> C=Client -> Client access the NetWare Server directly
    GSNW -> G=Gateway -> Client access the NetWare Server indirectly through a GateWay installed on the NT/2000 Server.

    I hope this helps.

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    mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    Wow! Thanks for your time and help ajs.....very helpful :)
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