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Hey all, I passed the 70-270 today with a 731. The score isnt great but I did well on all of the topics across the board. It was my 2nd attempt at the exam, transcender was a HUGE help. I didnt use it to prepare teh first time I took it, I used it extensively to prepare for the 2nd exam and it helped a great deal. Helped me tie a lot of stuff together.

Will Microsoft send me a certificate now like I used to get when I would win student of the month in the 2nd grade icon_smile.gif or do I just go to the website whenever I have to prove it to anyone?

What should I look to take next, the Vista exam?

Thanks all for your help and support


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    They will send you an e-mail on how to sign up to the MCP Site which will allow you to set your address so they can ship you your wallet card and certificate which most of us throw in a box anyways. Any time you get a new cert, you have to verify your address on the MCP site and request them to ship you the new cert.

    And congrats! The vista exam should be fine if you're looking to do more Vista stuff. If your goal is more servers, I would go onto the server stuff.
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    TryntotechitTryntotechit Member Posts: 108
    Good Job on the pass. If you are looking for MCSE or MCSA certification, then I would take the 70-290 exam.
    Taking 70-294 very soon...again
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