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I have noticed something that i would like to bounce off you guys .. maybe it is a coincidence or not icon_confused.gif:

lets assume a company is looking to hire someone who starts work on October 1.

so they advertise the position in the last week of august ... they collect resumes until the beginning of September.

1- they schedule 1st interview for the first 10 days of September

2- the second interview for the second 10 days of September

3- if you were lucky enough to make the cut the first two times they get you an offer the last 10 days of September.

4- the negotiations of salary benefits etc are concluded and you are hired to begin work on October 1.

The above has been my experience i have made it through the whole process a few times and sometimes i have not got past the 1st cut or the 2nd cut.

This is not a hard n fast rule more like a rule of thumb that seems to work for me statistically .. you have a better chance of getting a call if you apply at the end of the month for newly posted jobs because that's when they are looking for the 1st interview candidates which is usually anybody who can remotely fit what they are looking for .. then it is upto you to sell it.

and am I the only who has noticed this kind of time line or am i just rambling ?
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    I can't say I've really ever seen a pattern. I've seen people take 2 months to get back to me for a second interview, and gotten a job offer back in a week. Also normally, I've always set my own start date.
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