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So I would consider myself conforming to the idea that most IT Recruiters are douchebags, but I consider RHT king of the douchebags. A couple years ago I applied for a position and met with one of the recruiters at the local skyscraper downtown. He wanted me to take tests and jump through a bunch of hoops. I was like WTF, and never did and I never went to any REAL interviews. I assumed that was why.

About 6 months later I met a recruiter at one of the other offices. He was also a DJ I’d known, not very well, from around the Philly scene. Anyway, he assured me that he’d find something for me, never did though. However in the convo he admitted to me that he wasn’t surprised the other office never found anything because,

“Most of the positions with RHT are not really real. They just like to have pools of available candidates to pull from when jobs do come up.”


So I have since applied for positions here and there and when someone actually replies back I assume it’s actually a real position. I applied for one the other day and they want me to come in for an interview.

This is what I’m suppose to bring.

1. Reply to this message with your resume and 6 professional references (including at least 2 supervisors, 1 from your most recent employer)

2. Register online at

3. Bring in 2 forms of government issued identification (see attached doc)

4. Complete the attached testimonial worksheet (aka retarded worksheet where I will BS on how I will benefit the company.)

5. Be prepared to take computer-based skills evaluation(s) in your primary technical skill(s)

My only complaints are 1 and 5. They’ve had my resume for years and done me NO good what so ever. I don’t release my references unless the company is actually interested in hiring me. This is simply for the simple reason that I have probably received over 30 calls about jobs requesting resume and references. Personally I want my references to give me good reviews when the job might actually pan out.

Number 5, well I’m ok with them asking me some basic questions, but umm I include my MCP and CompTIA numbers for reference AND copies of my Degree and Certs. Am I wrong in assuming that I wasted THOUSANDS of dollars in School and taking the ridiculous tests when all I had to do is pass RHT’s silly little computer test?

Am I wasting my time going to this interview?


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    Robert Half is definitely an agency to stay away from. I had a similar experience to yours, going in, doing the testing, all of that. Then, for the next few months, I had to chase them down and figure out if there were any jobs available. When they finally did bring me in for a formal interview, the following happened:

    The first guy went over my resume, shrugged, then looked at my test-results. He was concerned that I was weak on Exchange knowledge, in comparison to my above-average scores on Windows administration and off-the-charts scores on LAN/WAN technologies and networking. So, he began grilling me on what I knew about Exchange. When he was satisfied that I did, in fact, have less experience with mail servers than with other systems. . . he brought in another recruiting agent to grill me again. She kept pressing me, asking a lot of canned questions about Exchange, and I finally convinced her as well, that I didn't know email as well as I knew server administration and networking. Then, came the third, and the process started all over again.

    Now, the funny thing is that they all assured me that they were going to search out jobs that suited my needs, that they weren't just trying to fill Exchange admin positions they happened to have open. Each one, the more beligerent they got about email, the more they professed that they had "dozens" of positions open that would be perfect for me.

    In the end, they did find me a job. They lined it up, I gave my notice at the ISP where I worked, Robert Half gave me a date to start at the new place, and the Monday morning when I was supposed to start work, I got a call from the Robert Half peple telling me that I didn't get the job after all. The recruiter said "There was a problem with one of your references." I wasn't exactly sure what that meant, and I was still a little stunned by the news that, while I was getting dressed to go to work, the rug had been pulled from under my feet.
    "What kind of problem?"
    "I'm not at liberty to tell you that."
    "Which contact, out of curiosity?"
    "I can't tell you that."
    "Okay, and I've been turned down for the job you promised me because of this problem?"
    "We felt it was better to go a different direction."
    "I see." <Click>

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    Ive actually had a complete opposite reaction with them. I went online and registered. The very next day they called me to come interview. While I was there, i had to fill out paperwork and do computer assesments and stuff like that. However, when i went to talk to them they said they knew of an interested party for me. Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality. Although an enty-level helpdesk, I get hands on experience with sooo much more then just answering how to turn on the computer. I got hired within 5 days for registering on I love this job so much. I hope my contract lengthens or turns into direct hire. The IT staff consists for all about 4 people. 2 programmers/1 system admin/1 helpdesk (me). I started with only my A+ and i have my Net+ now. I will be getting my MCP in a couple weeks to make my resume more attractive.
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    to put it simply they suck, I had the same experience. I wasted a vacation day and went downtown, paid to park, was told I was perfect for 2 different positions and I should have another interview in a week. I was like awesome this is great, 2 weeks go buy I email the guy and say any word from the companies? he said no not yet and then a month and half goes by and he stops responding to my emails. They're all a bunch of jokes in my opinion at RHT!
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    When I used to be a contractor I was fortunate enough to get advice from some other people with experience contracting. I think the above links pretty much sum up everything I was told.
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    I hate 3rd party and middle man, it's good if they are really trying to fill-up a position, or directly working with the company.
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