Am I wrong with this?

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Hi everybody,

I'm 24 years old, I'm working for a good company that's paying me a good average salary only after 3 years. About $50 000 CND.

My job is to install network cables, connectors on CAT5/CAT6, BIX, routers/switches, play a little bit with the configuration, and many others things beside networking, but it's a part of computer systems. A lot of the technologies we use are a little old, but changes are coming soon.

I work with Windows 2000, UNIX and LINUX SUSE. My department only installs equipment, so the debugging and monitoring are not the primary goal. But in the installation phase, sometimes we do debug and I learn a lot with it. But we know equipment/technology more in detail than the maintenance department.
I only have an overview of UNIX commands-- with MAN I know that I can do something, but all the commands aren't engraved in my head.

Sometimes I need to work with the RF, so the RF concept is not an unfamiliar thing for me. It's why I already got my CWNA, but we don't have wireless networks yet.

Then I got some certifications and I'm going to do primarily Cisco, finish my CCNP/CCSP and some security certifications like Security+ and CWSP, maybe CEH too. I try to do more labs now, and for Cisco, the commands and protocols that I learned are now an automatic, so at my job it's easy for me to be an important asset when Cisco problems appear. I'm trying to be the Cisco reference and I think it's working: people recognize and appreciate this and I can show what I can do.

I love learning, and although I'm not aiming for a senior security network admin position for next year, I want to be in the IT field more in detail as soon as possible. I know that I'm not entirely in the process of an IT, but I have a good salary and it's improving each year and I don't want to start with a huge decrease of salary. In this company, there are opportunities for jobs dedicated to computer systems, network administration, or telecom, but like usual, maybe with 3-5-10 years of experience.

So am I in a good position with certifications, or am I losing my time by studying 2 hours each night for a job for which somebody with more detailed experience can easily beat me? Or maybe it's normal that I begin with this kind of jobs before moving up? Or do I need to quit now and be in the IT field, like help desk or whatever or should I gather as much experience as possible in this kind of job and with certifications apply for the perfect job for me when the time comes?

Thank you very much for your opinion.


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    I think you've got the right idea. If you enjoy learning, it can only help you. If not for getting a better job, gaining a greater understanding of the technologies you enjoy working with. I normally aim for getting 2 or 3 exams a year done.
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    You are working the right direction, make cisco your main focus right now, and primarily routing and switching for the time being. You will understand things better and your payment will double in less time than you think.

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