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THis is my first time on this forum, but i have been encouraged by reading about those who have passed and failed the Security +. I began in the security world straight of teaching elementary school with NO technical background or experience. So, I decided to pick up the Security+ (Sybex) book and devour it, thinking I could pass the exam. I got a 555. So, back to the drawing board. Should I have started with Network+ instead, or should I try some other materials and continue with Security +?


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    I'm sorry to hear about the fail. I think you should stick with it. Otherwise all your effort up to this point will be for nothing. The Network+ isn't really going to help you with the Security+ anyway. I assume you already understand the basics like IP addresses, port numbers, etc. You might want to also consider CBT Nuggets and/or Transcender practice exams. Hang in there; you'll get through this.

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    Naw, as long as you have learned the basics as stated above.. pick up another book and study it. When you read material written in a different way you'd be amazed how much extra you will pick up. My experience in the computer cert world is limited, but I'd say study at least two different guides before committing. Then any area you feel you might be weaker google it and consult as much online help as you can get until your head blows up... or until you understand it. Make your weak points your strong points and you sir will kill it next time ! :)
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    I found the Syngress book was very thorough, you might want to consider picking it up in addition to the other resources dynamik mentioned.
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    I appreciate the help. I was going to scrap all of my studying and go another way. But I will now persevere and do this!
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