Icmp and arp?

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Happy i found this site!
What port number is icmp and is it tcp/udp?
What port number is arp and is it tcp/udp?
Would arp be Network layer and data layer? Confused on that!
Arp finds the mac address from the ip address right?
And Rarp finds the ip address from the mac? Correct me if im wrong!


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    icmp and arp do not use port numbers
    ICMP stands for Internet Control Message Protocol, is an Internet protocol sent in response to errors in TCP/IP messages. It is an error reporting protocol between a host and and a gateway. basically it is its own protocol
    ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol and its for mapping an IP address to a physical machine address, and works at the Network layer only as far as I know.
    They are their own protocols so no tcp and no udp
    correct me if I'm wrong icon_lol.gif
    more on ARP http://www.tildefrugal.net/geek/arp.html
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    i think that ARP works in the network layer and in the datalink from the point that in layer three you have to discover the ip address (IP) , and in layer two since you need to know the MAC address, some protocols works in more than one layer of the OSI Model as i have understood, correct me if im wrong icon_rolleyes.gifbut i think is like that icon_wink.gif
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