Course and Cert Question?

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Well I have looked at all the community and private colleges around me and almost all of the community colleges offer a 2 year diploma and you are able to write a bunch of certs such as A+, Network+, MCP and MCSA.... A few private career colleges offer the same only for about 3 times the money. It seems to me though that most of these certs could be written in self study as others have suggested for much cheaper. Bummer is most of these programs are starting in a few days or weeks and I won't make it in this year anyway. I was just thinking maybe it would be cheaper if I just studied on my own and got a few on my own. Seems like it would be a faster route to an entry level job. The univeristies in my city only offer BSC in computer science but those are 4 year degrees. Perhaps I could write a few certs, find an entry level job and maybe go at a degree part time or online through distance? There are a few I know of that are fully accredited although I don't quite know how you would get money for school and be able to work at the same time. Seems to contradict itself but I hear students do it. Anyways, sorry for the rant just looking for a few comments on these ideas I've been chewing on and see some opnions on any of these things. Thanks alot. icon_eek.gif


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    Go for a solid four-year degree. There's a lot of flaky programs that basically just help you earn certs. 20 years from now, in my case, saying I have a degree in psychology will probably be somewhat respected, at least more than saying I essentially have a degree in MS Server 2003 icon_lol.gif

    Make sure whatever program you take has a decent number of liberal education classes as well. Classes like speech and writing suck, but they make you more well-rounded and teach important skills.

    You earn any cert through self-study. Personally, I'd never take a college class on it.
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    I'm currently going to a community college (2yr) and working on my A.A.S in Computer Networking. Throughout the course, you learn the info to write the exams. All the way up to MSCE. Which is where im headin. But after I complete the course, I will have my A.A.S too. and it's all self pace. I think i'll finish the entire thing in a semester. (by the end of the year)
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