Which practice test(s) most like the actual test?

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I have a question that has sort of been asked here a few times on the forum already, but I have not seen the answer I am looking for.

Which practice test(s) is/are most like the actual Net+ exam?

As an example, somebody mentioned Transcender. I used Transcender for my MCP Windows 2000 exam and it tracked the exam pretty closely, probably about 90%. I did not use Transcender for my CCNA, but I read where some people said that it was basically useless for CCNA, a waste of time and money. I know that the demo I downloaded from the Transcender website was nothing like the actual test. I used MeasureUp and I would say that it was maybe 20% like the actual exam. One thing I found with MeasureUp and several of the other CCNA practice tests was that even though they claimed to have been updated to the latest CCNA test version, they included several questions on NetWare and AppleTalk and those topics are no longer included on the CCNA.

I know that this site has practice tests, as well as a number of links to tests on other sites, but I don’t have a feel for how close they are to the actual test.

A recent post mentioned examdrill. Their site claims that their test is very much like the actual test. Does anyone know if this is the case? Anyone familiar with this practice test or any other ones to give a critique and recommendation on one or two?



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    TransatlanticTransatlantic Member Posts: 120
    I used transcender tests in my prep for network +, I actually found that some were slightly harder than the exam itself. Also try crammaster they're pretty close to the actual test as well.
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    garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    I used Transcenders demo practice test and thought the drag and drop was cool. However I bought Prep Logics Practice Test for $50.00 and that covered everything. I thought the test was very easy and that I over studied. Get Prep Logic.
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