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I am looking for advice and guidance on what I can do to re-enter the IT field. I've been away from the field since 2006. I'm currently preparing for the CCENT exam and would like to pursue the CCNA exam soon after. My background includes 2 Bachelor degrees with one being a BS in Computer Science and ten years experience as a network admin/analyst. I picked the Cisco certification route because of some previous work experience and I thought it would be more marketable. I was certified in Novell but finding work was nearly impossible. My second go round in IT I want to pick an area I can build on and have a better chance staying and growing in the field.

Do you think having the CCENT/CCNA will help get my foot in the door? How do I address my resume with the missing years out of the field? Where is a good place to start looking for jobs that will help re-build my experience level? Basically, what do I need to do to get back into IT?

If you have any suggestions that could help me return to the IT field, I would truly appreciate it. TIA!


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    What side of IT are you interested in and what do you have experience in? I wouldn't go CCNA only because it has a chance of sticking around. I would stick with the side that you enjoy the most.
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    With your background in Novell, I think you ought to start with Microsoft certs, and look for work doing Novell to AD migrations. My former manager is making a killing doing this
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    I would ask the question of what side of I.T. do you enjoy too. YOu have a Computer Science degree, so do you still know how to program? Did you enjoy programming and able to pick it up pretty fast if you had to? There is a lot of money to be made in the software engineering side of I.T.

    It all depends on what you want to do.
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