The dragon is killed - Finally MCSA :-)

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Hard work and previous experience paid off - Passed today with 936. I had a good nights sleep before the test and you need it - The scenario questions are brainkillers but not to hard if you concentrate. To be honest...Exchange Server 2003 is harder and I almost passed that test earlier this year. I used almost all the time on the test and double checked some answers - I suppose I was lucky on some questions just getting rid of the wrong answers. I got one SIM.

I started with this exam in the end of december 2007 but thought it was too massive for me at that time. So I spent time with CompTIA Server+ and also Exchange Server 2003 (failed Exchange Server 2003 earlier this year with two questions or so and didn't bother to retake). Made up my mind to really go for this exam and spent a whole full month (vacation) reading and doing labs like a maniac. So you could say I spent about 250 hours in total.

icon_arrow.gif WHAT I USED:

* Sybex (good labs/step-by-step info and a great starter before the Microsoft KIT).
* Microsoft Training KIT (I recommend using this book after the Sybex book).
* CBTnuggets (OK for a go-trough intro - You pick up some good stuff).
* 2 computers for labs connected via a KVM-switch (if you don't know about a KVM-switch can control/switch between 2 or more PC's with one mouse/keyboard/monitor and so you save money and space). I prefered that instead of a virtual machine since you can get your hands on second-hand computers for nothing.
* Windows 2003 server administrators hand-book.
* My Cisco CCENT book (for ip/routing and such stuff understanding...scenario training).
* Looked at posts in this forum for recommended traing and suggestions.


* Master subnetting and train a lot....this is a Microsoft test so you have more time to calculate on a paper than for instane on a Cisco test.
* Go through all the training questions on the Microsoft Training KIT so you can prepare yourself with the braindamage-thinking....After a while it isn't that hard to solve a question with several graphics and all that text.
* Finally....don't schedule this test in advance...It's better to set a date in your calendar and aim for that - this test isn't a "stresser". I think it's better to know when you feel ready and then go for it...that's my opinion!

So THANKS A MILLION to all you guys in the forum for helping me out and BEST OF LUCK to future "dragon tester". :)

Next is MCTS certification on Windows Server 2008 (exam 70-64icon_cool.gif but first two weeks break from major brain damage icon_lol.gif


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    Nice Score congrats.

    I'm currently studying the 70-291 and I'm into the first chapter of the Sybex book. I have had to read the first chapter twice and review the CBT on Subnetting to get my head around it. I think I'm getting there slowly.
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    That's quite an accomplishment! Congratulations icon_cheers.gif
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    Congratulations! Great score on that and it sounds like good study habits too. Good luck with the 648 once you manage it!
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    Congrats and nice score
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    I am also MCSA Today
    On the road to MCITP......
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    I am also MCSA Today

    THANKS and CONGRATS on your MCSA :D
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    **** ARE FOR CHUMPS! Don't be a chump! Validate your material with search engine

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    Awesome. You've earned a much deserved break!
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