70-293 or 70-284 next?

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I am currently an MCSA studying towards MCSE Messaging I have finished 70-291 in May and applied my Net+ and A+ to make me a MCSA.

I am planning on taking 70-284 next but am unsure if I should do 70-293 instead next and work through the windows server core requirements until I have completed them all the do my elective.

has anybody got any suggestions on a good move here.


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    From what I've heard about the 284 on here it looks like it would be a good idea to knock 293 and 294 before the 284. It makes sense as 293 will get you those clustering principles in your head and 294 will wrap your mind around AD design.
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    yes i agree

    I just was unsure it does seem to make sense to move through them in number order.

    any tips on how I could simulate clustering at home I am currently using virtual servers on my desktop at home, and do have a small lab domain that are not running any virtual servers currently.
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    Agreed, do your core exams first.

    Use OpenFiler or other similar open source iSCSI distro.
    Good luck to all!
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    ok I have decided to crack on then with 293 started going through the MS book and noticed alot of crossover from when I did Network +.

    I will have to have a think about the clustering though
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