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So, today i started my internship at a helpdesk. Pretty low volume of calls. I took maybe 6 in 5 hours (however, i did get sent out a few times for various things) (part of the reason why i only had so few calls was i could not access the ticket system initially)

Anyway, i'd say today was an awesome learning experience. Manning the phones is going to be the toughest for me but i think i'll do alright once i get the hang of things.

So my question for you guys is: what i can i do in the future to stand out, hopefully to get hired on or at least a reference or two?
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    Be proactive. Show you're boss that you want to learn. Show him that if you don't know the answer of the top of your head, that you can find it.
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    show up on time, do your job, try not to goof off
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    I suggest just being very personable and courteous to who you are helping. That will always get back to your boss. Take on projects no one else wants to take, then finish them timely and well.
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    Work hard and do your job. Don't play games at work, I think it looks bad. Same with texting or yacking on the cell phone constantly

    Don't worry about people around you not working. People like to complain others aren't working and it's not fair.. but I don't think it does them any favors. Nobody likes working with a whiner

    Learn everything you can about your job.

    Keep getting those certs !!

    These are the rules I follow and so far it seems to be more than enough. My name gets mentioned to upper management every quarter as being one of the top performers.
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    Volunteer to take on extra responsibility/projects, even if they seem mundane or not even very technical.

    If you company has an internal KB and you can contribute documents to it, do it!

    Provide excellent customer service.

    Make sure you document, document, document your tickets. Be accurate, detailed, and this will show that you know how to troubleshoot - your tickets will probably be reviewed by management.

    Look for ways to improve processes, share knowledge, seek knowledge - overall show that you don't want to spend the rest of your life as a Tier 1 help desk analyst, and you will get hired/promoted.
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    The biggest thing I would offer up is to NEVER EVER let the customer think you don't know an answer. If you're hit with a question you don't have the answer to, don't ever say something like, "I don't know, but I will certainly find out." Instead, say, "May I place you on hold for a moment to research this for you?"

    As Tech109 said, document, document, document. At my previous job (where I provided level 2 technical support for hospitals), we were told, "If it's not in the ticket, it NEVER HAPPENED." Remember rule #1 of business: CYA = Cover Your Ass.

    Lastly, as others have stated, learn as much as possible and try to be the ultimate team player, but not to the point where co-workers think you're being a kiss-ass.

    Basically, just kick back, enjoy the rapport you're going to build with your customers, and learn all you can. Never know when the next opportunity will come knocking.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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