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First off I want to say this site is an awesome resource. I found it today while sitting in class icon_wink.gif .

I am wondering what everyone would suggest as for a direction to head. I have taken my A+, Net+, and am curently in Sec+. I have spoke with quite a few people in the IT industry and most have said to go a programming route (specifically Java). I started a Java calss and was about half way through when my school shut down icon_confused.gif . So I get to start over with it icon_rolleyes.gif . I was really enjoying the prgramming and have no complaints about it. I also currently am an assistant system admin, I have been doing this for about the last year. I enjoy the system admin stuff but not nearly as much as the programming. At this point though I am looking at what is going to get me into a job the quickest (pay doesn;t matter much right now as I will soon have no pay when my unemployment runs out icon_cry.gif ) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Do what you like to do.
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    Garv is right, you should consider what you want to do hopefully at least 40 hours per week. Obviously you like programming best, so that's what you should go for. I think it may be even easier to get a job as a developer than a system admin these days...

    Good luck!
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    do what you love to do....if thats programming look for MCSD & MCAD certs. If its network administration go for MCSA,MCSE, CCNA and all that stuff. there is no point doing things you dont like on job ,....and whats the use of becoming a bad administrator.....got the point :P
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    Idem! icon_lol.gif
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    I think it may be even easier to get a job as a developer than a system admin these days...


    I would not think so. I have a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and cannot even find a job doing tech support. I am looking into getting my A+ now to try to break into the 12/hr tech support realm. I found that with programming you have to have real work experience(at least 5 years) to get a job. If you do not have any experience then oh well. I will work on my MCAD.Net cert or a Java cert once I get out of this manufacturing job. But then again certs without work experience may not help any. I've heard that there are plenty of people out there with 15-20 yrs experience that cannot find work programming. Until they are re-absorbed into the work force us entry level peple have no chance. This has been my experience for the last 3 years anyways. There maybe one entry leve programming job a year that is posted in my area, then believe me there's not a shortage of people to apply.
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    A Bsc alone won't land you a job these days, neither will an MCSD without a degree. However, there are exceptions everywhere. I got my job without the 5 years experience --and I don't have a degree yet icon_rolleyes.gif. ..Well I do have experience now, though icon_lol.gif.

    I think what webmaster was referring to was that there are too many sys admins these days in proportion to developers. However, I do agree that the ratio is inversely proportional --less developers. less jobs for developers.

    I'm finding that very large companies who make software are outsourcing to certain Middle Eastern and Asian countries (i.e. India and the UAE). This is because the average programmer works for 30K a year in these countries while those in North America and Europe require a higher pay.

    Why don't you try other cities, like Chicago and New York... I've got a couple of friends who found jobs there on their first try.

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    If you like programming and Java seems fun, then I would highly recommend switching over to C++

    But keep in mind you are starting from scratch if you pursue progamming. You are a sys admin now, but would probably move into a lower paying/level job just to get into programming. If in the long run thats your desire, then its a great investment in yourself. If you are unsure, then you may wish to increase your sys admin skills.
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