Wow.... I have my work cut out for me...

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So as some of you may know I am getting Apple Certified... I finished with the first course today and it was well worth the money. The guy who wrote the book actually led the course and he was amazing with his windows/unix skills. Defiantly not just an Apple guy.

So I will be getting certifed soon, but I also just got burdened with the company wanting me to get my CCNA again and CCVP before the end of the year, along with the ASCA for apple... So I will be super busy with certs, not to mention all my regular work load... It just tripled. So hopefully my salary reflects that shortly and they hire another admin.

Just thought I would update you guys... Hopefully I have time to do the RHCE or atleast the RHCT right after the ACSA since they should overlap quite a bit.

Hope everything else is going well for everyone.


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    That seems a bit extreme. What's your current level with Cisco voice? I've seen estimates for the VP say it takes 500+ hours.

    Good luck with all that. Keep us posted.
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    I have little CCVP IMO. I understand the voice technology because I have been using it for years off/on but nothing Cisco specific. We use polycom here, and the last time I messed with Call Manager stuff was version 4.

    The company is paying for all of the training courses so it could happen. All the courses are around 3500 bucks and I will be taking a lot of them from the sounds of it.
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    Strap in and enjoy the ride then. Oh and good luck! ;)
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    i hope you like the water that comes out of the firehose :P
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    CCNA and CCVP in one year is a stretch, but not impossible especially if you already know your stuff.

    If you are starting from the ground up you are in for a ride. Just do your best to try and retain it all. Its one thing to pass a bunch of exams and another to really understand all the technology.

    Good luck!
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