Where do these "transcenders" come from?

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Hi all,

I read these posts daily as I am scared out of my mind to take this exam. Basially I dont wanna pay all that money to fail. When I read these posts, I keep seeing people say they used transcenders. What are these, and where can I get some?



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    First, welcome to the forums!

    For exam simulator go here:


    or, do it online, for 30 days, cheaper, here:


    You'll see the oportunity to download a demo for these before you decide to buy.

    Yep, none of these exam fees are cheap by any means, but you can get discount vouchers by clicking at:


    I've only used the Transcender exams on Server+ and they were a great help. I assume, from others folks, that they also have a good set of exams for Network+.

    The main thing to remember, when you sit the Net+ exam, read the questions very carefully. The real-life troubleshooting scenarios, especially, are loaded with information. Just be sure that you choose the particular info that applies to your problem and disregard the rest.

    Best of luck!
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    As to what Transcender is, it's a test simulator that is very very close to the real test, and is often harder (for example, alot of tests will tell you to choose 2 or 3... Transcender tends to tell you to choose all that apply.. that makes it more difficult). The score for passing the Transcender exam is, in my experience, always greater than what's needed to pass the real thing.

    But the real value from Transcender, IMHO, is when you miss a question. It provides a very thorough rundown of what the correct answer is, and more importantly, *why*, and cites a reference if you want to do more research on it.

    The downside is that you pay through the nose for it, unless you're fortunate enough to pull hand me downs from friends who have already passed the exams :)
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    is there difference between Transcenders 1.0 vs transcenders 2.0 ?
    I have 1.0 and I'm deciding on buying 2.0 or not. any insight???
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