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Wooho! I passed the OS exam with 908! Finally I'm A+ certified. Feels like a real tech today icon_cheers.gif. Among the questions that I got are FAT limitations, WNT/2K troubleshooting, some W98 questions but none of those DOS memory questions. So..what's next? I guess I'm gonna go for Net+ or i-Net+ cert. Both are pretty interesting. Any advice for the new tech? Thanks.


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    Congrats mrburn!

    Network+ would be a good and logical next step... or MCP for example 70-210 windows 2000 pro or 70-270 windows xp.
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    Thanks Mr. Webmaster. Actually I want to be a programmer but I think I'm not ready yet. I'm gonna start slowly, trying to get used to the tech world first. I guess I'll go for the Net+ next because it can strengthen my knowledge on the network side. Besides, as everybody knows already, it can be combined with A+ to be used as a substitute for one of the MCP exams. I'm gonna start by reading the tech notes from this site. Any other good Net+ study materials out there?
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    when you say programming do you mean applications or databases? microsoft have a database track ;)
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    Thanks bellboy. Applications or database programming? Mmm...I guess I'm more interested in applications programming. Right now I'm eyeing on those MSoft .net stuff. Hope that's not too advanced for me. What is a database programming anyway? Is it like all those SQL thing? Oh boy...there are so many things in the IT world..I'm confused. I'm applying for college right now to get a CS degree. I hope it's the right path for me.
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    yep. when i said databases i did mean sql.

    i found in life to stick to try to stick to what you enjoy doing. that way you don't dig your heals in and refuse to learn anything new ;)
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