Passed the BCMSN today

miller811miller811 Senior MemberMember Posts: 897
Took the test this morning and passed. The test was a breeze compared the material on the BSCI. Had a tense moment in the testing center when the screen would not format correctly to allow me to view all of the material I needed to see. Had the coordinator come in, and she reboot the machine twice (as I held my breath, hoping I would not lose all of the progress I had made to that point.).
But it finally formatted correctly, and she said she had seen the problem before and had reported it.
On to the the ISCW after a week of vacation.

Used Train Signal Videos
CBT Nuggets
Official Exam Guide
Bryant Advantage CCNP material.
Home Lab (without a layer 3 switch, but with plenty of routers)
I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

Quest for 11K pages read in 2011
Page Count total to date - 1283


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