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I am currently a 17 year old, still in high school, i go from 9 to 1:40.

I used linux for a while, i have a book on A+ and i would like to get into N+ and CEH. I know a little bit of python, C and javascript (html and css come naturally). I would very much like to get into setting up networks for people in big companies (hotels).

What are the certifications i need? I havent looked into this yet, but is there anything i can do at this point in my life that may help me in the long run?


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    Python, really? icon_lol.gif

    You bascially named everything you need.
    Go for that A+ should be easy enough for you, you seem pretty bright. Then get that Network+...

    After that I would look into CCNA or Juniper certs if you want to get into Networking... I'm not the networking type so the other guys on this forum can help you out on that.

    Good luck and welcome to the forums.
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    jryantech wrote:
    Python, really? icon_lol.gif

    Python's awesome. What's funny about that? icon_scratch.gif

    Regarding the OP: CCNA is the defacto entry-level networking cert. The Network+ might be a good introduction to networking, but there's a lot of debate regarding it's actual usefulness. It's never going to hurt you to have extra certs and knowledge though ;)
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