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I've been using the Official Exam guide fourth edition along with cbt nuggets to study and i have a hard time believing that the Exam Guide covers in full all that is needed to know for the exam. I checked Cisco's site for the topics to be covered for the exam and this is what it says:

Implement BGP for enterprise ISP connectivity

Describe the functions and operations of BGP.
Configure or verify BGP operation in a non-transit AS (e.g., authentication).
Configure BGP path selection. (i.e., Local Preference, AS Path, Weight or MED attributes)

i got a chance to go through the Third Edition of the official exam guide and there was so much more information about BGP.

My problem is i don't want to be caught off guard with questions about something i didn't read. There seems to be so much more information about BGP and i don't understand why they would cut back on what was needed for the exam. I'm not against learning more for my own knowledge but i don't want to spend more time on information that's not needed when i still multi-casting as well as IPv6 as well as a complete review before my exam which i've scheduled for September 15th. Any advice? Really any advice would help me from stressing out over this...
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    Beat BGP like a dead horse. There were times during that test I could have sworn I was taking a BGP exam...
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    Qdot wrote:
    i got a chance to go through the Third Edition of the official exam guide and there was so much more information about BGP.
    If you mean Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI) (Authorized Self-Study Guide), 3rd Edition by Diane Teare and Catherine Paquet -- it would have more information since that's the book you'd use to learn the material for the exam.

    The CCNP BSCI Official Exam Certification Guide, 4th Edition is the book you use to review for the exam. If you already have knowledge and experience with the exam topics (and feel lucky), you could try getting by just the Exam Certification Guide.

    A bunch of people here would also suggest you look at Doyle's Routing TCP/IP if you fell like you still need another study view point. If you think you may go for the CCIE someday, then it makes sense to do your "first read" of Doyle while studying for the CCNP.
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    thanks mike and sheist

    however i did not mean the Student guide third edition, i meant the Official exam certification third edition. But i am Downloading the student guide right now (i know i shouldn't but because of my time restraints and being short on $$$ its my best option at the moment) that mixed with the Internetworking Technology Handbook i think i will be o.k. Something was telling me that i was missing a lot of information. I appreciate you guys taking the time to shed some light on me though.

    Back to the cave where I hum chants of BGP path selection for the night.
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    I got to reading the Student guides from the Netacademy, CCNP course and they are pretty much similar to Diane teare Authorized self study guide.

    If i was you, i would buy the BSCI Authorized self study guide by Diane Teare and Catherine Paquest

    this is what im currently studying
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    I studied BGP like there was no tomorrow and felt confident I knew the level I needed to know.. but I actually didn't do as great on BGP as I had hoped.. Let your mind devour BGP as if your were devouring sweet melted chocolate over a plate of homemade fudge.. with sprinkles!
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    BGP and IGP (OSPF, EIGRP & RIP) are your core topics and I wouldn't skimp on these if you plan on having a career in that field. Along with doing a lot of reading getting to know the technology you should also do a lot of lab so you know how to implement the specific technology. There is a big difference in BGP and IGP.
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    BGP is a tough part of the exam, and most people do pretty bad on it.

    I didn't really grasp it fully until I got some hands on with it doing some labs and actually setting it up. Seeing what works, what didn't work, and troubleshooting from there.

    I know you said money/time is short, but you can rent a few hours of rack time for only a few bucks, and really see WHY somethings work, and others don't (and what it takes to fix them).
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    Also, one of the things that through me off is that with the latest IOS BGP synchronization is disabled. The exam assumes that synchronization is enabled
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