How to become network Engineer

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What is take to become Network Engineer.
Anyone know all about this?
Thanks Anyway.


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    To become network engineer you usually have to work your way up from some sort of tech position. Also you should work on education and certs to supplement your experience. Just keep in mind its just a title and responsibilities may differ between employers.
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    I am currently a Jr. Network Engineer and been here about 6 months. I started off doing tech support over the phone for about a year. While doing that, I earned my A+ and Network+. I then landed a desktop support position for about 2 yrs. While there I earned my CCNA and was able to do work on the servers and cisco gear. From that, I landed this job and already earned my Security+ and now working on my CCNA Security. I also plan to start my CCNP next year. Just like already mentioned, job descriptions do vary, here I am primarily working on Cisco gear and don't do too much server work but I have seen other jobs where you do more Server Admin then Network admin functions. Just figure out what area you want to work in and start building towards that direction.
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    Work your way up from basic PC Support to Network ... Too easy, but can be very difficult to achieve. Everybody can be IT, but not everybody is good as IT.
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