Google Adsense: Do people really earn from it?

binarysoulbinarysoul Posts: 993Member
I came across a couple of sites with people claiming they make $3K-5K/month from Google Adsense. I said wow. But I'm a bit skeptical if that's true. If you do a search for 'adsense income' you will see examples with peopel showing Google checks, some over $10,000/month!

So, I'm curious if it's really ture. Do you know people who actually made good money from Adsense?


  • dynamikdynamik ■■■■■■■■□□ Posts: 12,314Banned ■■■■■■■■□□
    Do any of those sites report traffic statistics? It's certainly possible, but you're not going to see those types of checks without 100,000s or 1,000,000s of hits per month. I think most people get enough to pay for their site's cost, and maybe a decent meal or two each month.
  • tierstentiersten Posts: 4,505Member
    As dynamik said, you can earn a fairly decent amount of money but you need to put time & effort into the site and you need a very large number of visitors.

    I know a couple of people that get several thousand from adsense a month but their sites are basically another full time job for them. The amount of work put into it isn't trivial and if they ever stopped working on it then the number of visitors and therefore adsense revenue would dry up pretty quickly.
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