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Not sure if this would be the right forum, if it isn't I apologize and please feel free to move this post

Decided to jump on the ship at my job and take the MCDST tests. Figured I'd take 70-271 and see what i score. Took it and got a 900. Wanted to take 70-272 but had plans with the girlfriend called and asked her if she'd mind if I was a little late so I could take 70-272. Went up and took that, scored an 836.

All in all the tests were quite easy. Anyone who took 70-270 and 70-290 it's like a combination of those 2 if I can make a comparison. Some of the questions were so easy it left me kinda scared if it was too easy to be true.

I'm real happy with all this, now I can move on to CCNA by July and hopefully get my MCAD come the end of summer/beginning of Fall. Want to make sure I get all the testing in I can just in case my job decides to stop giving us free tests. icon_wink.gif[/i]
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