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The Sec+ exam was just updated and I heard that the objectives do not take effect until 6 months after they are updated. Is that true? I am 4 chapters into my Sybex book and I don't see any of the newer study guides out yet. Should I try and go for it or hold off until the new objectives are out?

Nevermind...I just learned how to scroll down and see the post below:


If you call Comptia up they will be more then happy to tell you about the changes. I called the a few weeks ago about it. And they told me that the new test obj. go in to effect on or about the 14th of oct. But you can still take the older one until like apr. of next year if you wanted to. Also if your job req. you to have the most updated cert. and you all ready have the security + passed; that you can take a briged exam that they will have some oct. and it will not cost as much ethier.

Thanks jwilkjr


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    The new exam comes out in October 2008, but this current test won't be retired until later next year. IMO, it would be better to take the current exam because the current study materials are much more mature and proven. It will take some time when the new materials come out to determine which are good quality.
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