2nd network card of CCM server

Hey All,

How does one configure the 2nd network card of Cisco call manager 5.1 server?
I’m wanting to set up a redundant link to a redundant switch, But I couldn’t see anywhere in the CallManager Operating system to configure the 2nd Ethernet port on the ccm server.

On the cisco doco “Cisco Unified CallManager Operating System Administration Guide, Release 5.1(1)”
I read the below.

Ethernet Settings

The IP Settings window indicates whether Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is active and also provides the related Ethernet IP addresses, as well as the IP address for the network gateway.
All Ethernet settings apply only to Eth0. You cannot configure any settings for Eth1. The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) on Eth0 defaults to 1500.

So, according to cisco this network card Eth1 can’t be configured, has anybody had any experience with this? Whats the best practice?

Thanks All



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