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hi im a Cisco Netacad student which is in the 4th semester so im basically finished. I have been reviewing for my Network + exam for a few months now. I have the Mike Meyers Passport book, Preplogic cd, Trancender, and have taken numerous practice exams. I am certain i am prepared for this. taking the test tomorrow ill let everyone know how it goes.
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    hey good luck! also i was wondering i been studying and got to the tcp/ip chapter and was wondering on the network+ exam is there any subnetting questions where i have to figure it out ?
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    Good Luck gonzonick.... icon_thumright.gif


    There are NO subnetting questions on the N+ exam. All you really need to know are the 3 classes of addresses:

    A) 1-126 subnet
    B) 128-191 subnet
    C) 192-223 subnet

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    Best of luck, gonzonick!
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    passed with a 833. :D I would say it got fairly difficult towards the end of the exam with more thinking questions. The begining was ok with medium difficulty questions. The middle was pretty simple as long as you knew the facts. Some questions were definitly a little shakey where i had no idea like configuring a Linux client for WAN technoloogies? I bet that was one of the experimental questions though.
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    That's an excellent score! Congrats!
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    Congratulations indeed icon_thumright.gif
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    Big wraps there - great score.
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