Recommended books to study for the OS exam

infamousinfamous Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
I passed the core last week and primarily used Mike Myeres 4th and 5th edition books to study for the exam. Besides these books, are there any other books you guys recommend?

In his 5th edition there is only like 5 chapters which cover the OS section..I can probably go through those in a few days but would reading those chapters prepare me enough for the OS exam? I have about 3 years network admin exp and use Win2K and XP every day at work/home...

Thanks for any replies!


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    theICEtheICE Member Posts: 84 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Hey i used mike meyers 5th edition for both exams and found it was enough to pass. so study the chapter starting with harddrives then go all the way to nt/200/xp chapter and don't forget about reviewing the networking chapter for the os!
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    bighuskerbighusker Member Posts: 147
    Mike Meyers' 5th edition is pretty much all you need to pass. Just make sure you practice every command/applet/program that he tells you about.
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    AlienAlien Member Posts: 398
    Cant find A+ Mike Meyers. Most stores seem to have only MCSA & MCSE AIO's. Cant think of google since i aint got no cards. I sported SYBEX 4th Edition and Deluxe edition(hardcover) A+ complete. Are they worth the catch? If so, which is which?. Being the poor student i am, i really need to make the right choice b4 this cash jumps from my hand to my mouth. Thanks in advance. icon_scratch.gif If i had my way i woulda skipped this expensive cert.
    Hard times on planet earth.
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