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The other day there was a storm and the power went out. I, of course, had all the computers, router, and cable modem on a protected power strip, but the coaxial cable wasn't protected. It fried the ethernet port on the modem and the e1 port on the router. icon_sad.gif The cable company replaced the modem but now I have to run it to the NIC on the computer.

I bought a power strip with coax protection but it's a little late now. The router was a Cisco 831. I didn't get SMARTnet or anything (didn't expect to need it on a home network). I called Cisco and they told me it fell under Act of God so there was nothing they could do.

I think I'll probably just purchase a Linksys router but I was wondering if there's anything I could do about my burnt out port. Right now it's just an expensive 4-port switch. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated :)


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    As a precautionary measure,, Whenever there is a lightning storm or something like that ,you must disconnect the devices, from power for some time and disconnect the coaxial cables as well, as lightning could travel through and Fry your systems.....believe me this happens..

    And for your fried components I have full sympathy,.....and cant you change the port on the device ??? I dont have much idea... icon_confused.gif either
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