Bad question? Bad answer?

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Is this answer incorrect?

What is required to upgrade a Pentium II to a Pentium III?

A. A Pentium III processor and a new motherboard.
B. A Pentium III processor is all that is needed.
C. A Pentium III processor and a BIOS upgrade.
D. A Pentium III processor, a BIOS upgrade and a new controller chipset.

The program says A is the correct choice, but I thought they were both SECC style CPUs. Why would you need to upgrade your mobo? I would have chosen C.


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    Yes it is a bad question.

    PII came in S.E.C.C and S.E.C.C.2

    PIII cam in S.E.C.C2, FC-PGA and FC-PGA2

    However for the sake of an answer I would definitely say A. The reasoning for that is that the most COMMON PIII form was PGA form factor

    S.E.E.C was available from 450Mhz to 1Ghz but a lot of those were used in server board and not standard PCs.
    The PGA / 2 ran from 550Mhz up to 1.4Ghz and was by far the more predominant in the desktop arena.
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    i would agree with (a) as the correct answer.
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    Let's all agree that the question is ambiguous. The PIII came in SECC-2 and SPGA (PPGA & FC-PGA).
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    Ambiguous - definitely, but there is so much in our field that is treated that way and we have to learn to understand that to be better technicians.

    Where did you come across that question anyway?
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    Prep Logic.

    I know some of the questions on the exam will be tricky, but that tricky? Come on!
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    heck yes - that one was an easy one compared to some.

    a repost from another group ...

    Terry works in the HR department in your organization. She goes out on maternity leave with no contact information and no-one in the company knows her password to log on to the network. Terry has a spreadsheet on her network drive that is needed immediately for the director of HR who is about to give a presentation in which he is going to use the data from that spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains confidential data so Terry has it in an encrypted folder for security. What can you do to allow access to the HR director to this file? Choose two.

    A In the Encrypted Data Recovery Agents Group Policy Settings, add the HR director as a recovery agent and have him unencrypt the file using the cipher command.
    B Give the HR director NTFS permissions to the folder. Have him copy the file to an unencrypted folder and access the file.
    C Log on as an Enterprise Administrator. Unencrypt the file and make sure the HR director has permissions to access the file.
    D Change Terry's password. Log onto the network as Terry and move the file to an unencrypted directory and give the HR director permissions to that directory.

    Now which one of those are the 2 correct?
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    I'm not sure, that must be an OS question, or an MCSE question. Isn't that a little too specialized for the A+ exams?
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    Sorry Shinobi

    grrrr - that is a MCP question - my mind is kinda bogged down with security+ study and I am not thinking about other things all that straight. icon_confused.gif

    Just goes to show what you are in for at a later date if you take that track .... lol

    I don't actually have any A+ reference material left on this machine as I archived it all to a spare in my workshop. However, there are many questions in the exam pool that are equally ambiguous as that processor question.

    I think I will now go find some JDs, get riotously enebriated, make a fool of myself at a club somewhere and try to forget study for a few brief hours. Only 400 pages to read tomorrow icon_sad.gif
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    So what was the answer?
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    Good question Shinobi

    I am hoping Pavlov will confirm A & C for me icon_smile.gif
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    the practise questions on this site are pretty close to what you will get the the actual exams. did you check out any of the sites on our links page for comptia practise exams?

    there has been no sign of pavlov for a few months. she dropped in once or twice that i remember, but i guess she is still working on the home improvements ;)
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    ahhh, the dreaded home improvements = too much time and money ... lol

    So bellboy - can you confirm my reasoning?

    A and C are the only reasonable answers.

    Why? Because only the user that created the EFS file or the Recovery agent
    can decrypt EFS files. Nobody else, it doesn't matter if you give them NTFS
    permissions or not.

    A. Is correct because it follows a logical method of adding a recovery agent
    and the cipher command.
    B. Wrong - copying the file to another folder will not change the
    C. Correct, but only if the Enterprise Administrator has Recovery Agent
    D. Files encrypted with EFS retain their tributes so would only work if it
    was decrypted first. Since the question does not state this, it is then

    I am just totally annoyed - firstly that I am so distracted I forgot what forum I was in, and secondly because I don't have a definitive answer.
    Then again, it goes back to shinobis point of ambiguous questions ... lol
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    An ambigious questions indeed... the most ambigious in this question is that it doesn't has the Microsoft preferred way of doing this, I can give you the answer, (similar questions are in our mcse exams as well, as this is an topic you will surely be questioned on at the real exam, I've seen so myself) but to the task involved... ;)

    But: icon_study.gif
  • bellboybellboy Member Posts: 1,017
    RussS wrote:

    So bellboy - can you confirm my reasoning?

    administrative tasks of this calibre are not my bag yet, but in a real-world situation with close deadlines, i would be tempted (if not pushed by management) to do the last option.
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