Take CEH Exam with Education Experience?

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I saw it mentioned on this forum and on the EC Council's Website that your two years of experience could be waived for education. Anyone know what type of education? I am currently entering my final term at my college and will be graduating with a BS in Computing and Security Technology. I've concentrated on the security side for the degree having completed the following courses:

CT 312 Access Control & Intrusion Detection Technology - IDS course based on snort

CT 315 Security Management Practice - Managing a Security Department

CT 325 O/S Security Architecture I - Dealt with a lot of the Federal requirements for security

CT 336 IP Security and VPN Technology - VPNs

CT 393 Security Risk Assessment - Taught us how to assess security risks no only on machines, but in the physical realm as well. I was part of the team that did the Risk Assessment for my college.

CT 402 Network Security II - Continuing Cisco Firewall learning started in Network Security 1

CT 412 IT Security Policies - Learned and wrote security policies

CT 415 Disaster Recovery and Continuity Planning - Did the Risk Assessment so then learned what to do with that information. Was on the team that wrote the Recovery plan for my college.

CT 422 Incident Response Best Practices - Learned how to respond to incidents and wrote two plans.

CT 432 IT Security System Audits - Learned to audit systems for security issues. Did my work on auditing a Windows 2003 Server

CT 472 IT Security Defensive Countermeasures - Course was on Ethical Hacking (learned a lot of what is covered in the CEH exam.

CT 212 Computer Forensics - Obvious...learned chain of custody, where to look, etc

CT 222 Security and Information Warfare - Look at Information Warfare as a whole (beyond just computer security)

CT 382 Applied Cryptography - Learned about stenography and cryptography, along with practical applications of both

Those were the security courses required as well as the core for the degree:

CT 200 Server I Covers Server+
CT 320 Server II
CT 140 Network Administration I Covers Network+
CT 330 Network Administration II Covers CCNA
CT 350 Network Administration III "
CT 210 Linux I Covers Linux+
CT 310 Linux II Red Hat
CT 410 Linux III "
CT 340 Operating System Architecture I Windows XP
CT 360 Operating System Architecture II Windows 2003
CT 380 Operating System Architecture III ISA
CT 230 Web Development I
CT 240 Web Development II
CT 385 Web Development III
CT 392 Web Development IV
CT 400 Network Security I Cisco Pix
CT 395 IT Security I Security+
CT 420 IT Security II "
CT 491 Senior Project I
CT 496 Senior Project II

I have my Security+ cert, but only experience I have is from being a Field Tech (one year). I've setup wireless security on a laptop cart and have done work in digging up information when students used a computer to go to sites or systems they shouldn't have. But I am pretty sure I couldn't qualify through work experience to take the exam. Would I have a shot at being allowed to take the exam with my educational experience? Thanks in advance!
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