Cisco Unity .. CiscoUnity_ConvMsg Errors.. Advise please..

jonmo2578jonmo2578 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi Guys,

I have recently upgraded to Unity 4.2 and everything appears to be working fine with no reported problems.

However, in Event Viewer I have noticed occasional CiscoUnity_ConvMsg Errors..

On further investigation these errors are due to Failsafe conversations relating to ConvCVMMBoxReset... Does anyone have any idea what ConvCVMMBoxReset is ??..

From what I have been told, callers are getting a notification when they try access their voicemails after entering their credentials
"This system is temporarily unable to connect your call. Call again later. Goodbye"

and then it will work if they try 2mins later.. I have so far been unable to replicate this fault myself..

Has anyone encountered this problem before and or have any suggestions of what to check please. ?. DBwalker does not find any errors.

Many thanks.

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