BSCI to BGP exam

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As we all know, BSCI covers BGP topics.

So how much more studying is needed to pass BGP exam?

and what books do you recommend to study for that BGP exam?

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    Check my old pass thread, i mention material required.
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    The BGP exam is much more challenging in the BGP aspect that said I actually thought the BSCI was more difficult. Most people I think would disagree with me though.
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    I don't think the updated BSCI goes into BGP as deep as the old BSCI did, so unless you're already reading Doyle as part of your CCNP studies you're going to have to kick up your studying for the BGP exam.

    You can check out the Any study Materials thread for some CCIP book suggestions.

    Doyle is always good to read. Halabi is THE BGP book. And Cisco BGP-4 Command and Configuration Handbook is nice to have.

    Ed's link reminds me that the SIMs in BGP were a "real workout" and not the easy pushovers you find in almost all the other exams. The jump from BSCI to the BGP exam probably isn't as easy as the jump from ONT to the QOS exam.
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    The BSCI just scratches the surface on BGP.. but I can see the BSCI being quite a bit harder for the fact it requires intense amount of detail on so many topics where as the BGP exam is just knowing about BGP.. but you have to know almost everything about it (if that's even possible ;) )
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    My suggestion is to read "BGP Design and Implementation", which is a Cisco Press publication written by Randy Zhang. TCP/IP Vol 2 is another good source.

    The BSCI's idea of BGP coverage is a joke.
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