New IOS?

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Does anyone have any insight into how different the new IOS that's being introduced with HFR will be from the exsisting IOS? Just curious if it will be a drastic change in the interface and commands.


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    Interface: A bit like the latest Mandrake. Command: don't know
    A little knowledge is dangerous...
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    For those that do not know what this is about:


    I think it will be a long, long time before it will be used with the more common routers, and at least that long before it becomes part of the CCNA exam ;)
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    I believe you're speaking of the Cisco CRS-1 Carrier Routing System. Here's a blurb from the Q&A on the Cisco IOS XR Software for that system.

    Q. Is Cisco IOS XR Software the next generation replacement for Cisco IOS Software?

    A. No. Cisco IOS XR Software is the newest member of the Cisco IOS Software Family and is designed to support the unique multi-CPU, multi-shelf, distributed architecture of the Cisco CRS-1 and the requirements for converged packet infrastructures.

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