Am I ready for 70-210

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I sat my 210 about four months ago and bombed. It was by first exam of any kind for about 10 years and I got 40%( I guess you get to know your score if you fail) Anyway I have been studying about 2 hours a day 4- 5 days a week for the last three months. I have just started work for an IT company ( at the bottom -in a call centre) with the hope of working my way up the ladder with my first step being the helpdesk. I have a simple network at home (one wn2k server and client). And have recently sat three transcender exams (A,B,C) with scores of 450,700,790. I am wary of just memorising the answers and my last exam that I passed, I only sat once.

Anyway, I have three days off work and I thought that I would sit 70-210 on the fourth day. I know the areas I am weak in ie installations, sharing and ntfs and I thought I would go hard nuts study for the next three days.

I need some advice, is an honest 790 in a transcender exam a good enough score for me to pay 300NZD dollars for the actual exam, are the transcenders harder or easier. Based on the above -am I ready.



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